Pursuing Happiness

What makes people tick? And happy.

And me?

Yesterday, I watched the re-run of In The Pursuit Of Happyness movie starred Willie Smith with his real son as father & son on TV. I was like ~ hell ~ this is a must watch movie ~ much talks about and an award winning movie based on true story. I think everybody knows it and like me ~ cry a bit when Will cried because he and son have nowhere to sleep  the night when kicked out from their rented apartment.

The struggles was real and admirable.

And he succeed in his crusade. 


Don’t ever let people tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me.

Willie telling his 5 years son.

Unhappiness derived from many forms and unique reason for each individuality. Some from poverty like Willie, some because of health problem, on how they look, matters of the heart or out of craziness (other symptoms). And each of these are real, at least to those whois unhappy about it.


How can we deal with it.

In pursuit of happiness ala Wall Street version ~ associated ~ unconsciously equated the pursuit of wealth and security ~ the rags to riches of good life ~ the only way to be happy is to reach the top.

Those who never known how hungry one can be when there’s no foods on the table (not because of dieting) will not grasp the importance of it. Some will says… money is not everything. Yeah…. you can said that while you are safe under your roof.

But…. its true also that riches can be found in rags.

Achieving and creating happiness generally isn’t accomplished the way the mind thinks it happens. Some people are able to pursue their assumptions and satisfy their belief system in their mind. They consider this success and feel good about their accomplishment.  This doesn’t work for everyone. Some people are able to feel happy by satisfying their beliefs. But then their beliefs change and they end up chasing new assumptions thinking it will make them feel better. After a while they get tired of the chase or disheartened because the happiness is not lasting. Some people attempt to satisfy the beliefs in their mind all their life and still never feel fulfilled. Maybe their mind moves the target before they get there. Or maybe, just maybe, there is a greater happiness and fulfillment to be experienced than just satisfying criteria in the mind or compensating for its fears.

The pursuit of happiness is real. It is an authentic and natural desire of our nature. For those that feel a deep emotional yearning, simply meeting the criteria of beliefs about what is supposed to make us feel good doesn’t satisfy this yearning. At a deeper level it becomes about the heart’s desire, or satisfying something at the level of the soul. Answering these desires is much more meaningful and emotionally fulfilling than satisfying the beliefs in the mind.

To create, and live in authentic happiness, you will need to learn not to blindly chase the false beliefs in the mind. You will have to pay closer attention to the end goal of emotion and not jump after the first idea the mind offers as a means to get there. When we go after happiness by satisfying the belief system we have taken our eye off the goal and become attached to assumptions and beliefs in the mind.

Last but not least, try to emphasized simplicity and the need to tame desires especially those not aimed at the necessities  of life, and  pretty well equated  happiness with peace of mind.

Simply put,  if you cultivated closed friendship, limited you desires to the essential necessities of life and rejoiced in the moment ~ happiness is yours to keep.

And me?

I keep my option open. Check n balance. I needs unhappiness to take stock of my lives ~ in order to be truly happy ~ which is in real world ~ unattainable.

You know why?

Because our heart simply can’t be satisfied.

The best medicine is just being grateful. Treasure what make you happy. Accept sadness.


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