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Donald Trump Winning In Style- 45TH USA Presidency Election

Congrats Mr President! Tahniah! (Malay Language)

Is It All About Gender Or Policy


Now – you’re officially a superstar. After thrashing Mrs State Secretary Hillary Clinton, aka former 1st lady with handsome majority. To add more salt, you also gains control both of the senate and the house of representative!

A month ago, or even last week – nobody believes you can win. Nah!

How Democrat React



ANYONE can talk about Trump winning in a hindsight.

Clinton was winning everywhere. The polls, social media and even the mainstream news.


Did you EVER said once about the chance Trump winning 1-2 months ago..?

Or even 1 week ago..?


Now, after the results, suddenly you became an expert about how Trump won like you predicted it all this while.

Let it be. America decided.



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